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Top Growing Industries in Canada 2024

Updated: 7 days ago

As we head into the summer months of 2024, Canada's economic landscape is thriving with potential. Fueled by innovation and a resurgence in consumer spending, understanding which sectors are expanding the fastest can provide insight for smart investments.

Let's take a look at the top growing industries in Canada based off revenue growth in 2024. The data is provided by IBISWorld.

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What this blog covers:

Top Growing Industries in Canada in 2024

1) Travel

Estimated Revenue Growth: 12%

The travel industry has been starting to see meteoric growth post-covid and it is listed as the fastest growing industry in Canada as of May 2024. Encompassing everything from travel agencies and tour operators, increased consumer spending and a surge in both domestic and international travel have propelled the travel sector to near pre-covid numbers.

Interestingly enough, the travel industry is less concentrated in Canada, with the top four companies holding less than 40% of the market share. This fragmented market presents unique opportunities for new players, existing owners and investors looking for entry points into a recovering market.

2) Car Wash and Auto Detailing

Estimated Revenue Growth: 10%

The auto detailing and car wash industry has seen increased revenue this past year and it's not without reason. This could be due to a notable 10% price increase for new cars or over 30% increase in price for used cars since the year 2020, consumers are now looking alternative options.

This sector benefits from an increase in disposable income among Canadians. As more consumers invest in vehicle care, the industry seems to encapsulate more clientele. Growing revenue streams from higher-income clientele or business owners looking to keep their fleet presentable has prompted the further fueling growth in this sector.

3) Gym, Health, and Fitness Clubs

Estimated Revenue Growth: 9.9%

Located in primary in more population dense areas, these facilities are thriving due to a heightened public interest in health and fitness. The industry has slowly but surely adapted to the digital age, with gyms now offering online classes and leveraging social media content to engage with a broader audience. The growth in this industry is particularly evident in the growing popularity of fitness subgenres, such as Pilates, which are now reaching wider and more diverse audiences. Previously targeted primarily at a female demographic, Pilates has gained traction across various groups, including professional athletes like Football and Soccer players alike.

4) Fast Food Restaurants

Estimated Revenue Growth: 9.8%

Despite some consumer pushback against traditional fast food due to health concerns, the industry is innovating with new concepts and menus to attract health-conscious customers. Particularly, single item products that have a higher returns, such as, coffee and smoothies, have become more widespread. More importantly, the demand for convenience continues to drive the industry, bolstered by a robust delivery ecosystem that caters to the lifestyles of Canadians.

5) E-Commerce and Online Auctions

Estimated Revenue Growth: 9.4%

With over 10,000 e-commerce businesses thriving in Canada, this industry shows little signs of slowing down. Geographic location has become increasingly irrelevant, allowing Canadian e-commerce businesses to serve customers globally. This sector also benefits significantly from the shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping, a trend that has become part of everyday life since the COVID-19 pandemic.

graphic of the the top growing industries in Canada 2024

Key Takeaways

As these sectors continue to evolve and expand, the opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and savvy investors are ripe. For small business owners, identifying niche markets within these blooming industries can lead to substantial returns. Here are a few points that encompass their growth:

Diverse Growth Opportunities: Canada’s top industries, ranging from travel to e-commerce, are experiencing robust growth, presenting opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

Consumer Trends Drive Change: Shifts in consumer preferences, whether for vehicle care due to rising car costs or healthier options in fast food, are reshaping industries. Businesses that adapt to these trends can capture significant market share.

Stay Agile and Innovative: The landscape is dynamic, and continuous innovation is key to staying relevant and competitive in a recovering and evolving market.

Taking Advantage of a Growing Industry

As your Canadian business steps into the limelight, it could be the perfect opportunity to attract new customers or clientele and grow your business!

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