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Brand Loyalty in Farming

Updated: Apr 25

Nike or Adidas? Ford or Chevy? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? The comparisons could go on and on (PlayStation or Xbox) but for farmers whose ties lay deep for generations, brand loyalty may be taken a little more seriously. Let’s dive into the mind state of these farmers and get to know what’s behind their decisions.

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What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is the strong allegiance that consumers develop towards a specific brand, leading them to consistently favor it over its competitors. It’s not about recognizing a brand or being a repeat customer, it’s about a consumer’s commitment to a brand. Loyalty can come from different avenues such as positive experiences, emotional connections, trust, or the perceived value of the brand.

What Role Does Brand Loyalty Play in Farming?

Farming goes back to the days when it was first invented and if you stretch your imagination enough, so does brand loyalty. When farmers finally found the most reliable tool for the job, they would go to the same craftsman or blacksmith. The same could be said today, with a few caveats.

As said in this YouTube Short from BarnTalk, majority of the equipment you’ll see in the Midwest is either John Deere or Case. Like you and your favorite sports team, you’ll rarely be seen with the other side.

Why does brand loyalty matter?

Truth be told… it doesn’t. At least, not for everyone. In the wide landscape of consumer choices, many would much rather prefer functionality, specifications, and affordability over brand names. For some, the allure of a brand’s legacy holds little weight. The questions they ask themselves are along the lines of “does it meet my specific needs?” or “Is it within the budget?”.

The Trade Off

Imagine this now: A sturdy, working John Deere tractor in the patent green, a baby at just two years and around 4-500 hours. A great choice for anyone looking for that type of vehicle but securing it might come at a higher interest rate, but it’s a tried and tested piece of equipment.

Now, compare this with a shiny new piece of equipment. While the new paint might still be drying, the real attraction might be the financing for it. Banks and alternative financing sources are more likely to give out equipment loans with lower interest to new machinery.

In the grand scheme of farming, where margins can be thin and every decision counts, it's not just about the equipment's age or the interest rate. It's about value, longevity, and making choices that align with both immediate needs and future aspirations.


Brand loyalty and equipment choices play a huge role in farming and agriculture that might influence decisions that span generations. Whether you’re drawn to the heritage of a tried-and-tested brand or the economic allure of new equipment, the key is to find what aligns with your farm’s immediate needs and long-term vision.

To make this journey smoother, consider our equipment financing or other program solutions tailored to your unique requirements here at Capital Infusion.

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